Tuesday, May 26, 2015

We're Fine, Just Muddy

Chad, the pests/pets and I remained safe during the weekend floods in Central Texas. The 1952 House saw the worst of it yesterday in the form of a rushing creek through the carport.

Here is the raw footage featuring a handsome, leggy, spokesmodel/weather-observer:

If you want to help those in Central Texas who didn't weather these storms so well, please consider donations to:

Friday, May 15, 2015

WEST Austin Studio Tour

If you are in Austin, you should go this weekend! *Click here* for the official website.

Chad and I went last weekend. Among our favorite stops were:

#31 Morgan Bogart at 6910 Shirley Avenue as part of three artists presenting glass artworks and vessels. I bought a bright orange votive holder that perfectly matches the orange glass motif on our bedroom dresser.

#37 John Cruz at 1900 A Brentwood Street: Pay attention to the titles of each piece. They are pretty witty. Mr. Cruz has a variety of prints for sale at accessible price points.

#48 The Arc of the Arts Studio at 4902 Grover Ave: There are a variety of mediums on display by many different artists. I especially like the work of Emily D. for her brilliant use of color and joyful geometric shapes.

#172 Virginia Fleck at 1900 Larchmont Drive: I've admired and marveled at the shopping bag collage displays on West 5th Street outside of the flagship Whole Foods for many years. Virginia Fleck made those! It was cool to meet her and see more of her work. I might have to return this weekend and make a purchase or three. (She has lovely print reproductions of her mandala collages, as well as bright acrylic cutout reproductions of her works, at a variety of price points.)

#250 Austin Art Garage Group Show at 2200 South Lamar Boulevard: Lots of artists here! I especially loved Lauren Briere's "bot" paintings and prints featuring wistful interactions of a charming robot. I also liked Lucas Aoki's whimsical art.

Of course, we didn't make it to all 260+ studios/exhibitions last weekend. I still want to see:

#9 Marilyn Rae Nasky at 7739 Northcross Drive: I love the perspective in her paintings and the clean craftsmanship.

#54 Freams Collective at 4709 Harmon Avenue: I like locations with multiple artists, and these guys look intriguing.

#190 Rick & Lisa Loudermilk at 2014 Jones Road: These works look beautiful.

#262 Art On 5th at 3005 South Lamar Boulevard: Wow. There is so much happening here. I haven't been since this gallery moved from 5th Street to its new location on South Lamar.

If you went/go on the WEST Austin Studio Tour, let me know what your favorite stops were/are.