Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Practicing My Italian for Spaghetti Western

Next Monday, June 4, I'll play famous Italian movie star Anjelika Lotta in Maggiano's Murder Mystery Monday series, The Good, The Bad and The Dead. It's a spaghetti western... at an Italian restaurant... get it?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Why I Got a Second/Third Job

Some might argue that being an actress is a hobby, but I get paid to act, so I argue that it is a job. I also argue that being a homemaker is a job, because many people pay housekeepers to clean, organize, launder, tidy and whatnot their houses. I got my second/third (depending on how you personally look at it) job at West Elm, because we need stuff at the 1952 House. Here's a partial list in order of priority:

VACATION - need to see some nature in the Columbia River Gorge at end of summer

Car Repairs for my lovable, aging vehicle

King Size Mattress - current one boasts amazing hill and two deep valleys

Fridge - current one makes bad noises and was born in the 1980s

Microwave - big crack in the door frame that Chad assures me is not a problem?!?

Stove/oven - born in 1991 and cantankerous

Parking Pad - full of treacherous cracks and doesn't match paverstone driveway

Fat, Prosperous Savings Account

I also got my second/third job to meet some people and be social. At this stage in our lives, friends are so busy with family and careers, that working is the new socializing.

Have a great memorial day weekend. I'll be at West Elm for part of it. Come say hi.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer, Summer, Summa-tiii-iiime

This summer is going to be fun. I'm determined. Even if I can't get the Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff video from youtube to embed in this post!

Record-breaking heat? No problem! Chad & I anticipate much fun in the air-conditioning with the Paramount Theatre's Classic Film Series courtesy of our Film Fan passes.

Limited finances? I start my new part-time job at West Elm on Monday. As if the employee discount weren't enough enticement, they'll pay me. The location is perfect. I get free garage parking. Dinner theatre gigs have also been abundant lately. I'll post info for the next open-to-the-public show soon. Mark your calendar for Monday, June 4!

Need to fly the coop? Chad and I plan to hightail it to the cooler climate and slower roll of the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon in August or September. I hear it rains there -- even in the summer!

Want some icy refreshment? Hello, Rita's! We've already been a few times this spring. Cotton Candy and Icy Pear are my favorite Italian ice flavors, while Chad usually opts for an ice and frozen custard mix. Of course I also like getting my meal through a straw with "The King" fruit smoothie from Central Market's smoothie & coffee bar. Who knew that putting peanut butter in a smoothie could be so deliciously perfect? Um, the fine smoothie mixologists at CM did!

Feeling outdoorsy? We're taking ourselves out to the ball park for a Round Rock Express game this weekend. We've already enjoyed a movie in the park courtesy of Austin Parks Foundation and Alamo Drafthouse's Rolling Road Show. Deep Eddy Pool, always a favorite, reopened after repairs and landscape renovation.

Ready? Set. Go!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Former Kitten Guest Foils Rattle Snake!

One of my former short-term foster kittens has grown up to be a genuine hero! Mouse (featured in this blog post) foiled a rattle snake hiding on his new family's porch, and lived to tell about it! His former long-term foster mom, and friend, E forwarded the following email:

Well, part of me doesn't even want to tell you this story but the other part wants you to know. Warning...get some Kleenex!  I believe Mr. Mouse came into our lives for a reason. One of the things he loves to do is sit on the back porch with me and get some fresh air. I don't let him out but he certainly loves to bird watch. This Sunday morning we went out and he went running behind a flower pot by my rocking chair. To our surprise there was a diamondback rattlesnake. 2 feet, 4rattles. And Mr. Mouse was bit. It was obvious to me he was badly injured. I rushed him to the emergency vet in Austin. We didn't come home until 9pm that night and I've been worried about whether he'd make it through. Now he is running, playing, cuddling, just his normal sweet self. This story is more than just about his great recovery. Had Mr. Mouse not found that snake on the back porch, there's no telling what would have happened. Had it bitten one of our girls,well, I don't want to think about it. I   am absolutely disgusted that we had a snake anywhere near the house, disturbed that my sweet kitty was hurt...but oh so grateful he protected us. Mr. Mouse now has hero status in our house! Just sharing about how your little fuzz ball has made a difference in our lives. Thanks for saving him, he's an angel. Here he is watching Idol with me now. I think he likes Skyler.

Look how big and handsome and heroic he is now! I think his new family should amend his name to be Mr. Mighty Mouse! Just, wow!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Time to Learn the Scripts

Friday night I got to play a wacky spiritual medium turned detective in A Spirited Murder for a group of students, administrators and faculty at University of Texas San Antonio. I had a blast, as did most of the audience and fellow cast members. I also loved the long, dark wig I got to wear. (That's me in the sparkly top.) The only downside was that I had to learn a completely new script in which my character had the lion's share of the lines. I had serious homework studying the script each night for a week.

Sunday morning I got to play a Hollywood actress turned detective in Murder on the Happy Trail for a group of high school band members and their chaperones at the Dave & Busters in San Antonio. It was a murder mystery brunch as opposed to a murder mystery dinner. We couldn't have asked for a better audience. They were so fun, receptive and engaged! However, this meant another road trip to San Antonio and more studying. I've done this script many times before, but our current director added about 10 pages of material back into the script that was previously cut. I had to learn new parts and remind myself of the old material, again with the lion's share of the lines.

On Monday, May 14 I will be in another new show with another completely new script to learn. At least this time, I'm not the detective and there is no road trip to San Antonio. Thank goodness! See flyer below for details. This show is open to the public. (That's you!)