Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merry and Bright Lights

This would be our Christmas card photo if I liked photos of ourselves on Christmas cards, but I do not.

Chad tidings of comfort and joy and blur. And handsome. 

We went to Austin's Trail of Lights after crawling through awful traffic for ninety minutes. We saw lots of beautifully lighted trees and lots of plywood cutouts of unlicensed cartoon characters. Personally, I just love the lights, not so much the painted plywood. We ate churros, funnel cake, nachos and kettle corn. We drank hot cider and Mexican hot chocolate. Check all of that off the list for the year. 

Upon leaving Trail of Lights, I thanked Chad for driving and for coming with me. Then I told him we never have to go again. I'm happy to leave it to the kids and their roving gangs of double-wide strollers. (I have no problem with long, back-to-front multi-seat strollers, but personally opine that double-wide/side-by-side strollers pose a major menace to polite society. )