Monday, October 30, 2006

Rest Easy

We finally have a bed in our bedroom! It is wonderful. Chad and I both love it. There is plenty of room for our insistently cuddly kitties too.

We found another distributor of the Java collection who could special order that lovely but modern sleigh bed (previously mentioned) for us, but it would have taken four months (gasp!) to arrive. So we threw that plan out, and found this simple bed, appropriately named The Simple Bed that was in stock at a local furniture store.

The existing, temperamental sliding closet doors were not very fashionable or functional, so we threw them out in the yard. Really, the old doors are in the back yard. I picked these pretty drapery panels with a sturdy tension rod as the new closet-hider.

Here are some gratuitous shots of our jack-o-lanterns. Chad's is a Charlie Brown head as an homage to The Great Pumpkin. My design features argyles inset with sparkly marbles, reminiscent of my days as a prep-style-pusher at J.Crew.
Happy Halloween!