Monday, November 13, 2006

Ceilings & Pavers & Cats, Oh My!

Chad busted bootie to get the faux-tin-tile ceilings in the kitchen and bathroom painted this weekend. They look fabulous and hide the cracks. I guess I'll forgive Chad for keeping me up so late Saturday night with his tromping up & down the squeaky step ladder, paint-brushing and general project noise. Yep, we have some wild and crazy weekends here! (See earlier post titled, "New Homeowners Are Boring.")

The interlocking paver stones arrived for our new driveway and walkway. Hopefully that project will be done by this weekend in time for the big housewarming party!

Our kitties love to snuggle. Marigold is at the head of the bed with me, Sonic is in the middle-left and Kenji is at the foot of the bed. The newest feline family member, Sonic, was supposed to be a foster kitty. Of course, Chad & I are smitten with the kitten and are keeping him, rather than adopting him out to someone else. Yes, yes, everyone knew that would happen!