Friday, March 28, 2008

Who Is That Middle-Aged Lady?

I've known since the 6th grade that I loved acting. When my dad passed away last year, the whole limited time on earth concept hit home in a hard way. I decided to lose weight and pursue acting in a more professional capacity. My big dream is land a role as a sitcom mom, work with a great cast for about five years and retire. After losing 28 pounds over the past year, today was the day I finally got my professional headshot photos taken.

I was excited to have a professional photographer take my photos. He did a great job, but I see wrinkles in my pictures. Ugh. When did I get old?

The upside is that I look old enough to be a sitcom mom now.


Maggie said...

I am so proud of you, and I know it's a huge accomplishment, but I have to say, you look beautiful no matter what size you are. And you're a great actress no matter what size you are. And where are the shots?! Do we get to see them!? xoxox

Jensational said...

Yeah! I'm glad that everything is going well. Please e-mail me a copy of the head shot!

Kate said...

I have seen them. They're gorgeous.