Thursday, May 15, 2008

Among My People

Non-actor friends and family members, I love you. I really do. BUT, there's something about communing with other actors that validates me and my crazy creative drive to perform like nothing else. I've been participating in an acting and screenwriting workshop the past five Monday nights. Words can't express how grateful I am for this workshop. When I'm performing, it's like I'm extra-alive, it's exhilarating.

My friend, Daniel S., describes it well. "I'm really scared of heights, but I'm always the first to volunteer to climb the scaffolding. I like the rush of the fear and adrenaline. I think that's why I like acting." Dan and I were in a show together in January. He invited me into this invitation-only workshop that I love so much. Thank you, Dan!

The glowing comments I received from workshop last week: "Jennifer was back in form this week and she was another one that was shining, literally; that invisible cinematographer I mention below had lighted her perfectly. I have no idea how old Jennifer actually is (and, of course, would never ask) but she looked teenaged sitting across from David; it was if they matched up by osmosis. And it doesn’t take much more than this, folks, to show love; it was all in her eyes, punctuated nicely by every “Wait... What?”, without giving away that killer ending. This is definitely a Showcase scene for both of you and it’s odd that I have the least to say about it; no Adds, just praise which can be much more concise. Bravo."

I'm thirty-five. Praise from Caesar feels nice, ya'll... real nice.