Sunday, November 15, 2009

Workin' On It

A very nice handyman repaired and reinforced the door jamb and door frame just a few days after the door-kick-in-house-robbery back in early October. However, we're still working on cosmetic repairs. I painted the exterior of the front door frame and door yesterday and today. Chad continues to toil at the task of repairing the drywall and texture around the inside of the front door frame. Then I'll paint that area.

One good thing about prepping the front door to be painted was that I cleaned off a year's worth of dirt, dead bugs and spiderwebs from the entryway. Ewww. It looks much better now.

I've ordered the security storm doors and a new, much sturdier door for the carport entry. All should be installed by mid-December.

After gathering and submitting much paperwork, we got our check from the insurance company (minus the $1000 deductible and depreciated value of our stuff versus the actual replacement cost). We opted not to replace some of the stuff that was stolen. Between beefing up security at the 1952 house and replacing some of our items, it's been an expensive venture.

I still hesitate to leave the house. I have a somewhat irrational fear that if an opportunistic robber sees my car gone or sees me leave with Janie-dog on foot, our house will be robbed again. I'm working on shedding that fear.