Tuesday, October 26, 2010

BYOP 2010

There were a lot of kids at this year's BYOP party. Our friends have been a (re)productive bunch. The kids weren't that jazzed about doing anything to their pumpkins, but they sure loved loading up on too much candy and running all over the place. (Sorry, parents.) The grown-ups produced some lovely punkins this year. (Yes, their children and their jack-o-lanterns.)

The highlight of the party: the candy table.


Hissy-cat is mine and Darth Vader is Chad's

Who says pumpkins are the only gourds one can carve? Not Ryann!

Pumpkin meets Mr. PotatoHead accessories.


I love the orange and black outfit as much as the very meta pumpkin carved into a pumpkin.

Waaaaahhhh! It's a baby pumpkin. (Get it? It's little and crying.)