Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Seasonal Affective Disorder and the To-Do List

Here it is. That point in the summer when I'm so sick of relentless drought and record-breaking high temperatures that I wilt like the dead plants around my yard. I'm very tempted to hammer a "For Sale by Owner" sign into the front yard. Seattle sounds like a nice place to live. The plants there get plenty of rain! I enjoy clouds and cool temperatures!

To-Do List:
• Rip out all the dead plants from yard and planters.
• Rake and bag dead, dry leaves.
• Remove the dead baby tree from front yard, dead tree from back yard and dead bush from back yard.
• Replace the melted automatic timer for the landscape lighting.
• Be thankful our house was not affected by recent wildfires.
• Pray that some motorist or pedestrian does not toss a smoldering cigarette butt into our parched yard.
• Buy gravel and cacti for that huge patch of dry sand around our house.
• Buy "For Sale by Owner" sign at hardware store?
• Buy condo in Seattle?