Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ricocheting Thoughts

Working part-time at West Elm, helping Chad plan an open house celebration for his office and learning a new script for last night's dinner mystery show that premiered to an appreciative audience, have eaten up most of my time, energy and brain power over the past few weeks. A few fleeting thoughts managed to ricochet briefly inside my noggin.

The people I work with at West Elm are so fun, interesting and unique. I could certainly make more money at another job, but would miss out on colorful coworkers who share my aesthetic sensibilities and extroverted nature.

I still like doing dinner theatre, but I don't like learning a new script nearly every month. When I spend hours at home studying lines, the profit margin plummets on those paychecks. Not to mention that my fellow actors also feel and display stress at performing a new script for the first time. Collectively, we most enjoy performing a script we've done a few times.

When someone is needlessly rude in my general direction or earshot, I remind myself of this quote from Plato, "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." Of course, sometimes someone is so needlessly rude that I look up their profile on one of many social and professional networking websites to find out that they love littering the internet with photos of themselves and hope to go to seminary school. Really?!

Sometimes the people that you think are your best, most loyal friends are just passing through your life like tourists snapping photos. Conversely, people that you once thought of as a temporary acquaintance become your most trusted advisers, sympathizers and conspirators.

I miss puppies and kittens. I don't want to adopt anymore furry housemates, but would love to foster some temporarily after vacation.

I love my gym. I love the yoga class that a sweet soul named "Pixie" teaches. I love putting my headphones on and spending quality time listening to music I like. I love a good stretch. I love feeling healthy and strong.

In the summer, I am even less interested in food than usual. It's too hot and sticky to eat, but then I get cranky from not eating. If left to my own devices, I'd subsist on a steady diet of fruit smoothies and non-dairy Italian ices all summer.

I leave you with this deep thought: