Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Down with BYOP, Yeah You Know Me!

Chad and I broke free of last year's curmudgeonly ways. We found the time, energy and good cheer to throw what is turning out to be a biennial Bring Your Own Pumpkin party this past Friday. 

Pre-Party Candy Table


Chad's pumpkin is all smiles, while mine is feline.

Kate shows off the tragedy side of their jack-o-lantern.

Lucy shows off the comedy side of their jack-o-lantern.

Dain wasn't ready for carving, opting for stickers.

The Fords chose a warty pumpkin monster with 3 eyes and a ghoulish grin.

I love Halloween. It's my favorite holiday by far. This week promises two dinner mystery shows featuring fun costumes  and a Monster Mash dance party! Chad and I will try to squeeze in a few scary movies too, I'm sure. And lots of candy, I'm positive.