Saturday, January 19, 2013

Missing People and Stuff

Two managers from my retail job moved to San Antonio. One of them I liked pretty well, and one of them is the long-lost fabulous brother I never had, but wish I did. Long-lost Fab Brother got every joke and every obscure reference I ever made in his earshot. I will miss seeing both bosses regularly.

My best cheerleader (so positive with so much energy!) and also favorite shopping buddy moved to Brooklyn so she could work in Manhattan. I feel a tiny bit lost, my social calendar certainly emptier.

I don't like the hair color or hair cut I got last week. I miss the four inches of my hair that so unceremoniously hit the floor after I asked to have two inches maximum removed. I miss the blond I asked for my hair to be. As my hair is now, when the humidity is high, one might wonder if Carrot Top and I share a hair stylist.

I miss my aforementioned BMW.

Somebody make a greeting card for this weird ennui I'm experiencing, and send it to me post haste!