Friday, March 29, 2013

It's been a month? Already?

Oh hi. I really meant to get in touch, and update the blog. My part-time job went full-time without my consent. I also had a nasty sinus situation. So, you know, busy-busy!

Here are some hard truths:

That retail store for which I work made some scratchy sheets, which I bought, and with which I am unhappy. 100% cotton? Really? No steel wool in there?

I spent several glorious days building out displays at my retail job. I did not love the 5:00 AM start time, but I did love making things pretty and organized. I also loved the very limited interaction with customers. The boss-lady said I did a great job, so I look forward to more days of building prettiness in the near future, I hope.

For every ten lovely, courteous customers, there is one real stinker of a human being who can ruin your whole day.

A lady stood at the cash wrap of my retail job on a busy Saturday and cut her fingernails, letting the cut bits fall to floor. In public.

A professional recruiter I know wants to place me in an office job where I will make a lot more money. I want to make sure I have a window with a decent view and natural lighting at said job, or the money won't be worth it.

I performed in eight dinner shows between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have not performed in one dinner show or theatrical show since Christmas. Can I still call myself a part-time actress?

I barely have time to keep up with household chores, let alone pursue any creative activities beyond cutting Chad's hair. I really like cutting Chad's hair, but am not at all comfortable cutting anyone else's hair, so don't ask.

Hope to have something more fabulous to share before another month passes. Fingers crossed!