Saturday, May 14, 2016

I Performed Something I Wrote

I performed a few weeks ago as part of testify ATX storytelling at Spider House Ballroom. The theme was death and taxes. My story actually covered two deaths, a betrayal, an inheritance and taxes. I also made a reference to Bleak House in my story, of which I am very proud.

I don't want to post the full story on my blog, because it's too much dirty laundry to air on the interwebs. I don't want to change names and details to protect the guilty. I don't want to edit for fear my story might meet the wrong set of judgmental eyes. If you were there that night, you got to hear it. If not, there will be no transcripts without very special exception. 

The house at Spider House Ballroom was nearly full the night I performed. Everyone was so supportive. I was VERY nervous. Performing my own story felt overly intimate, but I’m glad I did it. People laughed in the right places mostly, but one person gave a big guffaw right after I said my dad dropped dead while exercising on a treadmill in his garage (the second sentence of my eleven minute spoken story) which threw me for a fraction of a second. I got choked up in the first paragraph describing the day my dad died, but recovered quickly. My story was well received. Approximately ten people said encouraging things after the show. My husband and a sweet friend were there for much-needed moral support. 

If I had another solid story to fit the monthly theme of testify ATX, I feel like I could do it again, but I was SO nervous beforehand. I’m equal parts proud of myself for doing it, and relieved it is over.

The other storytellers at testify ATX are talented people with a gift for words and spinning a great tale. I was humbled and honored to be among them. 

I will be at every future testify ATX show that I can reasonably attend. You should check it out too if you're in the Austin area. *Click here for the testify ATX website.*