Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Homeowners Are Boring

Yes. I've become one of those people who talks incessantly about house projects, much like a new parent talks about their baby too much. Maybe it's better than coming off as a crazy cat lady by gushing about my fuzzy children all the time. Speaking of, Marigold and Kenji are so cute and funny! Marigold loves to go outside and sniff the sidewalk, but she's only allowed out with Chad or me.

Enough about the fuzzy kids, here are some more before and after shots.

The Office
Before: There is that icky yellow paint again! This is where boxes go for vacation!

During: What a handsome painter!

After: Check out the cozy kitty corner under the windows.

Here's my reading nook with the cheap chandelier.

The Guest Room
Before: What a fabulous view of the fence and truck driving down the street!

After: The completed, lovely guest room with a queen size bed just waiting for an occupant or two. Our guests will have the pleasure of helping us with the vast jungle that we hope will sometime be worthy of the term "yard."

The Master Bedroom In Progress
Here's my teeny-tiny closet. Chad helped me install this closet system. Miraculously, everything but my shoes fit. Maybe I can build another shed out in the yard for shoes.

We finished the paint and installed the custom-order blinds from Lowe's. I love Lowe's. The employees are much more helpful than the people at Home Depot.

Now we're waiting on our bed to be delivered. It's on back-order until October 15th. Sigh...