Tuesday, March 06, 2007


This full-time work thing really puts a damper on my blog reading, TV viewing, socializing and leisure reading! I've been pushing papers and fielding phone calls at the art school for the past week to help them with the annual onslaught of parents trying to pawn their kids off to art day camps for the summer. Some of these preschool parents get downright tearful when I deliver the bad news that the summer day camps are all full. I don't blame them if the racket in the background of these phone calls is any indication of how their days are spent. I hear kids bickering, doors slamming, wee ones whining, dogs barking, other phones ringing, musical instruments being abused and in one case, glass shattering. Yikes! Is it awful that I love kids, but don't want my own?

I'm halfway through the ultra-restrictive Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. I spend a good portion of my day chewing crunchy vegetables. I am counting the hours until I can eat an apple and a slice of whole grain toast in Phase 2. (No fruit, no sugars, no baked goods of any kind, no carrots, no "bad" fats of any kind are allowed in Phase 1.) Chad has been kind of doing the diet with me. I say "kind of," because he ate a sandwich bun Saturday and had squash (a forbidden vegetable) tonight. I should be glad that Chad wants to be supportive and act in solidarity with me, but it's actually quite irritating. He is thin and muscular and does not need to lose weight. It bugs me that he would deny himself yummy things and be so disciplined when he doesn't need to, and probably shouldn't. My inner-irrational-angry self (she sounds fun, huh?) feels like he is mocking this HUGE sacrifice I've made in my eating habits. It's as if he's saying, "What's so hard about this? I'm thin and muscle-bound, and I'm having no trouble sticking to this diet." To which I reply, "Aaarrgh! Eat some bread and sugar, skinny boy!"

I'm glad that my job and Phase 1 of South Beach are both temporary, because I'm getting a touch cranky!