Monday, October 29, 2007

Coming in November

I've added a nifty badge to the sidebar that identifies me as a member of NaBloPoMo (short for National Blog Posting Month). The main objective of this organization is to challenge bloggers to post something to their blog each day during the month of November. Jensational (fellow blogger and good friend) invited me to do this. She's hip to all the latest, greatest news.

I'm saving my material for November. Come back Thursday, November 1.

If you want to read some really interesting stuff now, please check out the posts about my friends' (yes, punctuation snobs, two friends went together) trip to Turkey over at Planet Lu.


Professor J said...

We punctuation snobs thank you for the clarification.

Kate said...

Hey, thanks for the tip on blogging in November, the shout-out and, most importantly, the good punctuation.