Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Jonesing for Some Chicken

I haven't eaten red meat for about three and a half years. Easy to do! Once in a while I'd smell barbecue brisket and salivate like Pavlov's dogs, but I could get my fix with some barbecue chicken or turkey.

I haven't eaten poultry since July 4 of this year. I'm still eating fish, but I don't really like fish. At all. So I only eat fish when I'm really craving protein, about once every two weeks.

I had salmon for dinner tonight. It just isn't the same. I want some chicken. Trying to picture cute, fuzzy baby chickens. Reminding myself about horrible conditions at poultry processing plants. Imagining the horrific secret chemicals, antibiotics and genetic engineering that go into raising poultry these days.

Mmmmmm... chicken. I mean, oh no, it's horrible. Ewww, it had a face and a momma.

Obviously I'm very conflicted at this time. I need to eat some beans maybe for a jolt of non-meaty protein.