Thursday, February 16, 2012


"I haven't seen her in, like, forever," sniffed Friend 1 while trying to decide whether or not to be personally offended by the conspicuous absence.

"Yeah. Me neither. I heard she, like, overdosed on live theatre. She's in rehab, or under house arrest or something," Friend 2 said in a stage-whisper. "Eww. I hope she has one of those ugly ankle bracelets to keep her off the stuff, you know, like Lindsay Lohan wears."

"Well I heard she's seeing a show tonight, then in a show tomorrow night. And, I totally busted her at Office Depot printing a new script for a show she's doing in two weeks. She tried to look all nonchalant and innocent about it. She may have ODed, but she's not in rehab. She's totally still using." Friend 3 clearly disapproved.

"So sad." Friends 1, 2 and 3 shook their heads.