Saturday, February 11, 2012


That show I did for the FronteraFest new works theatre festival won "best of week". I performed again with longtime-pal & author-extraordinaire, Max Langert, Saturday before last. Max's show is eligible to show twice again next week for "Best of Fest" at the Hyde Park Theatre to already sold-out crowds! I'll update when I find out the schedule for sure.
*UPDATE* Max's awesomely funny show "The Requirements" won Best of Fest! We are honored to perform again at Hyde Park Theatre on Tuesday 2/14 and Friday 2/17!

Last Saturday I performed with my Murder Mystery Players Austin pals in two back-to-back performances (double paycheck!) of "Murder on the Happy Trail" to benefit Friends of the Killeen Public Library. I survived the road-trip, and had a fabulous time at both shows! Friends of the Killeen Public Library already signed a contract for next February -- yay!

Last Monday I performed in the first Murder Mystery Mondays at Maggiano's for 110 lovely audience members. Thanks to heavy promotion from local oldies radio station 98.9 FM, we had two dining rooms opened up for the show. I had a blast, and felt such positive energy from the audience during that 1929 show "Death Plays the Market".

I'm loving the paychecks and positive energy garnered from doing what I am naturally & compulsively motivated to do!

That said, I still need to apply for a part-time day job next week. Sadly, I can't make ends meet on a stage actress' paycheck here in the ATX, not with my exquisite taste in fabrics, fashions and travel.