Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Staycation Ponderings

I'm one of those ambiverts (part time introvert, part time extrovert) who avoids too much down time by trying to fill my days & nights with active doing and/or active reading. Too much time to sit and think stirs the neurotic tendencies to overanalyze everything. EVERYTHING.

Chad and I stayed pretty busy so far on staycation with a trip to Houston for a wedding, movie dates, dining out, trips to Laguna Gloria and The ContemporAry Austin for art viewing and discussing (and judging). More field trips dot the day planner for our waking hours. But at night, when I'm trying to go to sleep, my mind starts doing Olympic caliber wandering. A recurring theme: I need to go back to school. Not to earn a masters degree or a PhD, but for continuing education courses that result in a certification or license. I want to have more meaningful work, and yes, I want to make more money for my time.

Also on staycation thus far, I finished two books I started before the time off work, and pretty much inhaled a book yesterday while Chad took a three-hour coma nap. Avoidance through reading does the psyche good. Or does it?

Off to the next field trip. Check back for a full report Sunday next week.