Monday, June 22, 2015

The End of My Blonde Ambition

This past week, Janie Lulabelle Mae, the resident 1952 House sweet mutt, needed a diversion from vigilantly alerting us to the AC-repair-superhero each and every time he entered or exited the 1952 House or the back yard where the outdoor AC unit sits. (Sorry about all the barking, Aubrie. Thanks for fixing the AC!) It was too hot for a walk, so I coaxed Janie into my car for a field trip. (She does not love riding in cars. No, not even with the windows down.) We stopped at Bark n Purr first, where Janie selected a chewy stick thing. She charmed the employees and traded a trick for a treat. High-five! Then we took the long way to Sonic for some ginormous diet limeades. Janie got treats from not one, but two carhops! She's just that awesome with the begging eyes.

While Janie basked in her treats and attention, I looked around at the other vehicles parked at Sonic. Every one of them had a blonde lady within 10 years of my age behind the wheel. All the blonde ladies had shoulder-length or longer hair. Some vehicles had children on board, some didn't. Most vehicles were SUVs (a.k.a. less convenient, less comfortable mini-vans) with a couple of Subaru station wagons thrown in for variety. My MINI Cooper with its racing stripes and contrast roof was a bright, shiny, different thing amongst the vehicles. My big mutt dog sitting in the front seat next to me was different, and totally endearing apparently. I like being different in a sea of sameness. So why have I spent so much time and money to get the same hair as all the other ladies parked at Sonic? This blonde hair stops soon.