Thursday, June 25, 2015

It Hurts My Feelings

In April I bought some size medium cropped stretchy athletic pants online from Nordstrom. I have actually worn these pants to yoga classes and to the gym. I like them. Subsequent to this purchase, whenever I go to the Nordstrom website, I get plus-size athletic clothes popping up in the "you might also like" suggestions on the website.

There is nothing wrong with wearing plus-size clothing. Bodies come in all shapes, sizes and states of greatness. However, as a five-foot-three-inch, vertically-challenged lady who struggles with mysterious* weight gains and mysterious* weight losses at times, I'm sensitive to labels like plus-size. It hurts my feelings when the Nordstrom website suggests plus-size clothing to me based on my size medium purchase history.

Dear Nordstrom,

Heads-up! Your stupid algorithm for "you might also like" items is broken. Get your best coders to fix that mess now. If you're going to imply that size medium is plus-size, you might want to create a section of tiny sizes called "find a support group for your eating disorder that we at Nordstrom, and other retailers, fuel daily."

Your former customer, Jenn

* It's no mystery. My weight gains and losses are often linked to job stress and/or job absence. When I'm busy I forget to eat. That behavior is as unhealthy as eating junk food. Bodies need healthy fuel.