Friday, August 14, 2015

Sit. Stay. Good.

In April Chad and I went to Key West, Florida. Hope you read those posts on this blog, because there will be a quiz later.

In July I went to North Carolina to visit seven of my ten nieces & nephews, my sister, her husband and my mom. I loved hanging out with them. I get to see them only once a year or so, because they live quite far away. There's no direct flight from Austin to Raleigh-Durham on commercial airlines. The drive would clock in around twenty hours, so that's just like impossible. Also, you try traveling with seven kids. Also, my sister may be a bit afraid of flying. I go to them. It's nice to get out of my usual grind. Chad stayed home to take care of the pets/pests and some important business junk.

In early August, Chad and I spent a week between Nashville, TN and Louisville, KY. (Don't worry, travelogue on the way.)

We were home for about thirty-four hours, before Chad drove me to San Antonio to perform in a dinner mystery show. I should call this particular show a lunch mystery show, because it was at lunchtime, not dinnertime. I played the detective, per usual. The audience and venue couldn't have been lovelier. (More on that later.) It was exhausting.

Now we're home. It's hot as Hades here. Seriously the high temperature the other day was one-hundred-six degrees Fahrenheit. I continue to be struck by how crowded Austin is recently, and by how much traffic, congestion and construction there is. Our neighborhood is up in arms over property development happening across the busy street. Yet, it is so good to be home with my pets, my stuff and my familiar routines.

I'm ready to stay put for a long while. I don't want to see the inside of an airplane or the aggressive speeding of motorists on an interstate for many months.