Monday, March 21, 2016


I'm reading a great book currently that conveys vivid smells as keys to deep sensory memories. With that as inspiration, I present to you my top five favorite smells and top five least favorite smells.

Least Favorite Smells:

5. Anything pine scented including fresh Christmas trees *gag* *sneeze*
4.  Garlic: note to all chefs, go easy on this mess.
3.  Port-o-potty: not even a freshly cleaned one can inspire enough confidence for my shy bladder.
2.  Hot tar: does anyone like this smell?
1.  New car smell: I know I am in the minority here, but I hate it. I have a few sachets of lavender hidden around my car to ward off the new car smell.

Favorite Smells:

5.  Lavender: I visited a lavender farm once. It was heavenly.
4.  Freshly baked cookies: a classic
3.  Peaches/nectarines: I lump them together, because they are cousins, and smell similar.
2.  Tangelos/oranges: see note above.
1.  Freshly brewed Earl Grey tea

Smell ya later, Gentle Readers.


Jen said...

I agree with all of your good smells. I always use a Lavender linen spray and I soaked a cotton ball in lavender oil and I leave it in a small tupperware container in my desk and if the office ever smells musty or like burnt popcorn, I open the container and just enjoy the smell.

Also, do you ever wear Jo Malone perfumes? My favorite is Nectarine and Honey and then my second favorite has Earl Grey in it. Earl Grey & Cucumber or something?

Jenn C. said...

Good idea with the lavender oil soaked cotton ball in your desk! I'll check out the Jo Malone perfumes. I'm getting tired of my usual Alien by Thierry Mugler scent - too heavy for spring & summer.