Saturday, October 28, 2017

Five Songs I Have on Repeat

Here are my five fave song obsessions at this moment. You're welcome.

1. The Gold by Manchester Orchestra

So deliciously moody and perfect.

2. Learn to Let Go by Kesha

Lady, I wish I could. This song provides many feels.

3. May I Have This Dance by Francis and the Lights, featuring Chance the Rapper

Someone needs to hold a boombox over their head and play this song real loud outside their crush's window.

4. The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness by The National

Total nonsense, and I can't stop singing along.

5. Let 'Em Say by Lizzo and Caroline Smith

I've been pretty obsessed with Lizzo since I saw her at SXSW this year. I think she's positively amazing. I'm so excited to see her perform next week live in Austin!