Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Five Coats for Three Doors

As previously complained about, I've been getting much fewer hours at work of late. After successfully catching up on sleep, reading and moisturizing, a bee in my bonnet suggested that I repaint the three exterior doors on the 1952 House from black to something more lively. I wanted a color to contrast the boring British Khaki shingle siding. (I never thought I'd live in a khaki house. I usually hate khaki and all the beige cousins, but that's an expenditure for another day.) Standing in the paint aisle of Lowe's, Chad gave his blessings for LaFonda Fireberry. It took five coats of Duramax semi-gloss to fully banish the black doors. I love it! I decorated with lots of warm reds and oranges in the house, so the red doors hint at, and provide transition to, the colors inside the 1952 House. 

Front Door

Side Door to Carport

Back Door to Deck