Sunday, January 05, 2014

Let's Talk About Socks

When a Bangladesh clothing factory roof collapsed in 2012 killing more than 1100 people, I could no longer justify purchases from low cost clothing retailers. Plus I grew weary of the semi-disposable nature of disintegrating knits and fraying polyesters. After abandoning bargain brands that likely pose high costs to humanity, Chad implored me with a slight edge of desperation to his voice, "where am I supposed to get basics like socks?" After the tiniest bit of research, I have a few good answers.

Bombas Socks not only sport great design and quality, but also donate one pair of socks to people in need for each pair of socks sold.  Chad received a pair of ankle socks and mid-calf socks from Bombas in his latest Birchbox. The socks are a perfect thickness, soft and shaped well. I wish-listed the grey eight pack for women. I love the pops of color and the bee emblem. I also love that the sock engineers got rid of the seam bump most socks have that typically lines up with my pinkie toe and makes blisters.


Nice Laundry sells multi-packs of color coordinated and pattern coordinated socks. Nice Laundry also offers a luxurious-sounding "sock drawer makeover" of eighteen new pairs of socks for $99. Customers can request a mailing envelope from Nice Laundry to recycle old socks at a textile mill: still usable socks go to people in need while rattier socks get turned into insulation.  The founders of Nice Laundry work directly with their South Korean factory and don't advertise much to minimize overhead costs. My only complaint with these socks is that they are more tailored to men's sizes. I have small feet. These won't work for me, but will be great for Chad.


Zkano Socks are made in Alabama from sustainable organic cotton. Zkano offers oodles of options for good looking socks in many sizes and styles. I love the story about the origin of Zkano socks. I love the photos of the socks. I love the website. I'm about to order a pair or twelve.

Get going and shop for some socks in good conscience!