Tuesday, April 15, 2014


In early March I began an apprenticeship with Christine Fail of Fail Jewelry. I love Christine's geometric meets organic clean design aesthetic. I'm being paid in experience and instruction (not money), learning to make cold-forged jewelry in sterling silver and gold-fill. Cold-forged means that the metal is shaped by hand or by tapping/pounding with a hammer versus melting and/or casting. My paws get a bit grubby with sterling and gold-fill dust after a day in the studio. I call this sparkly stuff under my nails glamour-dirt.

The ladies of Fail Studios are fun, inspiring and great company. They keep me from joining gangs (like the Junior League) or doing drugs (like drinking margaritas in the daytime). Click here to peruse Mira's portfolio.

Ladies in my life, if you have pierced ears, I think you can guess what you'll be getting for your next birthday or holiday gift.