Tuesday, April 08, 2014

There's a Good Reason

There's a good reason that vacation/tourist destinations have an "off-season". In the case of the trip that I came *this close* to impulsively booking on Expedia for a week in Belize in July with deep discounts, it's due to the extraordinary rainfall. Oh yeah, that's why parts of that region are called rainforest. Who wants to sit in a soggy tree house at the eco-resort and watch it rain buckets? Who wants to get ringworm and mosquito bites? What if you pay only half of the regular cost? Does that sweeten the deal? No?

There's a good reason I run things past Chad before acting on my crazy whims and impulses. He actually takes the time to read the full reviews, look at photos and check the weather patterns for that time of year.

I know we talked about going to Big Sur for hiking, resting and driving the California coast, but look at Belgium: Belgian chocolate, Belgian beer, Belgian fries, lovely old world architecture. Yeah, Belgium. Oh! I found a deal for Ireland too. Look! Here's a package tour to Scotland.

Wait. What?


California coast.