Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sounds Like a Fun Job!

I fully admit that my job as a Visuals Associate & Home Stylist sounds fun. Just make products look pretty all day, right? Wrong. My job entails a lot of ladder carrying, ladder climbing and lifting of heavy shelves and furniture. I get mystery bruises, broken fingernails, snags in my clothing from sharp edges and cracked, raw skin on my hands. I also get a lot of "do you work here?" inquiries as I stand twelve feet up a ladder with heavy stuff in my arms or power tools whirring softly in my hands. I am usually tempted to reply, "No. I just like climbing ladders and using drills on the wall in random places." Instead, I slap on my best customer service smile, and either offer to call over a salesperson or say, "Give me just a moment to climb down and help you."

I styled some shelves with very loose corporate directive, which means I got to be a bit creative. Here are photos to prove it happened. I keep color stories together and highlight current products. Tah-dah.

I'm thankful to have a job that pays a (small) bit of money and allows a (tiny) bit of creativity, but make no mistake, it is not typically fun. The fun I have at work usually stems from joking with coworkers or the rare interaction with a customer who isn't afraid of color or pattern.

I think I (like many people) am an artist trapped in the lifestyle and body of a responsible adult. Sounds like a fun job, huh?