Monday, November 26, 2007

Baby Kenji & the Turkey

After yesterday's post, Jensational asked if Kenji was the kitty who tried to steal our Thanksgiving turkey one year. Yep, that was her.

Kenji was about three months old and very, very tiny. I have the vet records to prove that she only weighed about four ounces at the time. She was seriously malnourished when we first got her. The vet had the "she might not make it" talk with me. I'm happy to report that she now tips the scales at a healthy eight pounds and six ounces.

Anyway, her first Thanksgiving in our home, she weighed about four ounces. Chad and I cooked our own modest Thanksgiving meal that year in out tiny 1930s apartment. We made a little turkey breast instead of cooking a whole, big turkey for just two people. Chad and I made our plates and prepared to settle onto the living room floor for dinner. (We're fancy that way.) Chad set his plate down in the living room and joined me back in the kitchen to grab a few condiments and silverware. We heard a clatter out in the living room. Chad and I ran back into the living room just in time to watch tiny, baby Kenji dragging a big slice of turkey breast behind the chair in the corner. Chad pulled the chair out from the corner. We watched tiny, baby Kenji kill-shake the turkey. She growled at us like a junkyard guard dog when we tried to take away the turkey that weighed almost as much as she did. To reward her feat of super strength, we gave her a plate with a little bit of baby-bite-sized pieces of the turkey.

Kenji has always been scrappy and stubborn, but also a very affectionate and cuddly lap-cat. She's a little walking paradox who will steal your dinner.