Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Easy, Peasy Outdoor Lights

Chad and I bought our holiday lights at Lowe's tonight. Our trip to Lowe's reminded me to share this other outdoor lighting project before Chad makes like Santa up on the rooftop with the holiday lights.

The Malibu brand outdoor lights and transformer were easy to install. The directions were simple to read and outlined everything needed for the project. I give a whole-hearted endorsement of these Malibu lights. For about $120 we were able to buy twelve pivoting spotlights, 100 feet of outdoor electric cable, the transformer box, a programmable timer and the outlet weather guard needed for this project from Lowe's. We spent a few hours placing the lights, digging a shallow trough for the electrical cable and then fussing with the angle of the spotlights. Easy peasy!

In preparation for this project, Fox Services installed three outdoor electrical outlets on our old house, because there weren't any previously. As always, the Fox electrician did a great job, was polite and quick.

I love that these lights make our house look so fancy. The lights also add security by making the house more visible after dark. Ever since one of our octogenarian neighbors regaled me with the tale of the time a couple of car thieves came to an abrupt stop in the limestone planter on the front of this house during a police chase, I've wanted to add the lights to the front planter. I don't want to be awakened by headlights coming through the front wall. Crazed drivers can no longer claim they didn't see our house!