Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Free Glamour Subscription

Update: Tara was the first to comment, so she wins!

Faithful readers or complete strangers, be the first to post a comment that you want a free subscription to Glamour magazine for one year, and I'll sign you up for one. No strings attached. I got an offer to renew my own subscription for a year and to get a free one year subscription for a pal. I love sharing, especially when it's free.

I like Glamour magazine because it is a nice balance of fluffy shopping news, eye-candy fashion, silliness and pithy stories about real women. Glamour does not stalk celebrities, offers real useful advice for staying healthy/exercising and features a few stories each month about women around the world working hard to make a difference. I've used some of the body by Glamour tips during this year's get-healthy kick with good results.

If I know you, just sign your name to your comment. If you're a stranger, leave me an email address so I can get your mailing address. Be sure to put the "at" symbol in your email like this: [at], so that those pesky email programs don't harvest your address.