Friday, November 09, 2007

My Nephew, The Artist

I mentioned a few days ago, that due to technical difficulties involving some really effective wireless internet security, I could not yet upload all the photos of my nephews and niece. What I didn't mention was that I handed my camera over to my seven-year-old nephew, Christopher. It was my old Canon Power Shot, so I wasn't worried about the little dude breaking it. Christopher took some great photos. He's got a natural eye for composition, framing and lighting. I tried to get Christopher a Fisher Price digital camera for kids last year for his birthday, but he said he wanted some crazy Lego set instead. This year, he's getting a camera whether he wants it or not! Nurture that talent.

Mary and I with the Texas tattoos I brought for the kids. Just ask Aunt Jenn when you're ready for your first tattoo! She's happy to help... as long as it's temporary.

Mary in a candid moment.

The Playground Series: Christopher's best work to date, featuring Charlie, the artist's brother, and Chad W., the artist's dad.


An artsy shot. Check out the shadow of the flowers on the wall over Mary's shoulder.

Here's a photo I took of Mary licking the plate clean. Mmmmm... pumpkin cheesecake.

Portrait of an Artist as a Little Dude, by Aunt Jenn (me)