Friday, November 23, 2007

Walk Like a Barbie Doll

Start humming the chorus of The Bangles' song "Walk Like an Egyptian" to better understand my delightful title.

If you had a Barbie doll growing up, you may remember that her legs didn't bend at the knees. Unless you had that one special-edition Barbie with the weird rubbery knees that you could stretch to something estimating a bend and watch them snap right back to stick-straight. Barbie's hip sockets didn't allow for much movement either.

I'm sore from yesterday's Turkey Trot five mile, somewhat hilly course. My bootie and hip sockets hurt. My knees don't want to bend. I did some chores around the house today with a limited range of motion. Walking up and down the few stair steps to the laundry room was especially ouchy. I'm sure it looked pretty funny too.

I can't imagine having Barbie doll's silly top-heavy proportions, her perpetually arched feet (the better to wear high heels, my dear), and being able to move much on a daily basis. Poor Barbie. Stupid Mattel.