Sunday, November 04, 2007

Technical Difficulties

I'm at my mom's house, and we're realizing just how many secrets my dad took to the grave with him.

1. No one knows the password to the wireless internet port. It's so secure, that we can't log on at all. (Luckily, I can get an internet connection on my mom's desktop computer. Her computer is a Windows platform and I'm a Mac girl, so I can't download all these super-cute photos of my niece and nephews yet!)

2. My dad didn't label any of the videotapes in this house. Total mystery as to what was on about twenty videotapes. Mom and I went through the tapes today to figure out the contents. There were only four tapes worth keeping, but we at least got them labeled.

3. None of us can figure out how to fix the grandfather clock. We got it set and it's keeping time, but it's still not chiming correctly. At 2:00 this afternoon, it rang twice. Yay! However, at 3:00 this afternoon, it rang five times. Booo... Dad was the clock-whisperer in the family, I guess.

4. We also can't find the remote control for the DVD player in my mom's room. There are approximately fifteen remote controls in this house. None of them work on that DVD player. Consequently, Mom can only watch the first episode on each DVD, because there is no way to go into the DVD menu and scroll around to select options such as the next episode.

Maybe I can consult one of those mystics who claims to communicate with spirits and ask them if they can get any answers on these technical difficulties for us.