Monday, November 12, 2007

A Short for the Shorty

What's smaller than a tall? A short. This according to the barrista at Starbucks tonight. I told the barrista I wanted the kid-size hot chocolate. The barrista barked back, "short." I missed the contextual clues, and it took me a blank-faced moment to ponder this information. Yeah, I was wearing flats versus the usual four-inch tall heels, but why was he calling me short? Oh... blink, blink... he means that the kid-size is called "short" in Starbuckese. Chad was standing at the counter with me. He was tickled by the exchange and said, "a short for the shorties. A short for my shorty." Chad was referring to kids as shorties and then to me as his shorty. He's cute that way.

For some reason, Starbucks is trying to keep it a secret that there is a smaller option than the tall size for their beverages. The "short" is not a posted option on the menu, but they have that smaller cup ready to go if you order it. I don't mean to sound all dainty, because I'm not, but at 8:00 PM, I don't need a big coffee drink or a big hot chocolate. I just need a little taste with a mini-jolt of caffeine. Just enough buzz to keep me up until 2:00 AM; not 5:00 AM.

In case you're wondering, I usually order a tall size beverage during daylight hours. I start snipping at people if I get a grande. Seriously, stay outta my way! The only time I order a venti size is when I'm getting iced tea. I could put away three venti iced teas before I get caffeine-cranky. Mmmm... now I want iced tea.